Frozen Food

As there is no change in the odor, taste and nutritional values of the food stuff during the freezing treatment it is the best storage method. The raw materials, gather from the source and on the season, are delivered to the facilities in short time, cleaned, and frozen at – 40 degrees via application of Individual Quick Freezing, IQF.

We can list the advantages of the frozen food as follows:

First of all, every product is gathered from the fields on its own harvest season as fresh and processed. The vegetables and fruits, in frozen food sector, are delivered to the production facilities right after the harvest with haste and processed in shortest time without losing any nutritional values. On the other hand at least 3-4 days pass before the fresh vegetables and fruits reach the end user. There are considerable nutritional value losses. The nutritional values of the frozen food can be considered equal to the fresh foods.

The vegetables and fruits containing mass amount of water causes them to be spoiled quickly. The freezing process removes the water. The growth of the microorganisms halt below -10C and enzymatic activity below -18C. Thus the foods are frozen below – 18C and stored. This treatment should be performed without the cell membranes of the foods crack as to prevent the nutrient loss during the freezing process. This is provided by the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) method below – 40C in a certain period of time. Via this technology, explained as a fast, one by one freezing method, the cellular juice in the vegetables and fruits, together with the contents that form the food, is frozen in its most fresh and natural form without losing its nutrients and without the cellular membrane cracking and using no additives.

It is the method where the taste, odor and nutritional values are preserved best.

The second property is that that they do not contain any additives as they are protected in natural form (via freezing method).

The third property is that they can be stored for long period as the cold chain is not broken. The products frozen by IQF method can be stored until their expiration dates at -18C. In this period no microorganism growth based on decay, spoiling of the products, loss of nutritional and vitamin values in the frozen foods are not possible.

The other important properties are affordability and availability. As they are washed, shelled, pre-blanched and ready to cook they provide ease in usage and are at the same time economic. It provides the opportunity to find products in same standards in all four seasons.

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